Qualifying you for life

The follow-up Master´s degree programme Economics and Management, field of study Business Economics and Management is designed to prepare proactive entrepreneurs, including business professionals and commercial, industrial and public sector managers/leaders, advisors or consultants in multinationals to act in the management functions at all levels demonstrating proficiency in business economics and management and able to create, manage and develop not only in the business community, but also outside of it.

Graduates will have knowledge especially but not only in the fields of strategic management and marketing, finance management, crises management, corporate finance, accounting, taxation, business law, data processing, and will have the capability to evaluate the complex business environment through analytical tools for key decision-making processes. Particular attention is placed on international entrepreneurial activities.

Our former students enjoy careers in many professions, including positions such as financial manager, auditor, marketing executive/analyst/manager, operational and sales manager/export sales representative, HR manager/specialist, business analyst, international business development manager/specialist, consultant or advisers for economic and organizational affairs.

The skills you will acquire will provide you with an excellent foundation for your future life and career.

Acquired Knowledge

strategic management and marketing
finance management
crises management
corporate finance
business law
data processing